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Our Mission

The Undivide Project is the start of a body of work focused on undoing the so-called “Digital Divide” by working directly with communities. The first phase of our work will be directed towards understanding the impacts of digital divestment. We will offer bespoke solutions and implementation support reflective of community conditions. The next phase of the Undivide Project will focus on building community resilience using Internet tools. After that… we will let our community partners lead the way.

Our Vision

That the Internet and the benefits it can create should be accessible, equitable, green, and available to all.

Our Values

We don’t “parachute” into neighborhoods to research, survey, and then leave. We commit to medium to long-term work with communities. We allow them to lead the way to solutions that are attuned to their needs. Our teams are inclusive, humble and to the best of our ability reflect the perspectives of those with whom we work.

Where we work

There are two initial pilot communities. One in the Washington, DC Metro Area and one in rural Louisiana. The goal is to understand the needs of communities with very different needs and offer a more informed view of digital divide issues. Next, we will consider a variety of U.S. and global communities to continue our work around the digital divide, access and resilience.